Nova vs Hazmatt | Shell Shockers 1v1 -

Nova vs Hazmatt | Shell Shockers 1v1

[PLG] Nova
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Nova vs Hazmatt | Shell Shockers 1v1
After over a year of waiting… yall finally got what you’ve asked for.
Watch it.


More Nova:
Discord: _Nova#3456

0:00 Intro
3:27 P90
12:22 Shotgun
18:52 Crackshot
25:00 Final Words

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  1. Hey im pro in shell shockers but the lag kills me:/

  2. Honestly I really appreciate the fact that it's you who won. It's been a long journey for the Shell Shockers community, Hazmatt has achieved many during his career, he's inspired lots of players, entertained most of us, breaking higher and higher streak records etc…

    He's decided to leave, but before finally leaving, he gave you this gift, a 1v1 victory from him. This is a signal, a signal of an end of a legend, and the start of a new era, and you, are the one who gets to continue this journey.

    Hazmatt losing and leaving don't mean he's a fallen legend, nobody is the winner here, nobody is the loser here.

    It's like a heritage, Hazmatt is a veteran of this world, and you're a newly joined soldier that he admires

    Go on, don't get Hazmatt disappointed, continue the journey of this community with your own guns and bullets, and CRACK the most EGGScellent achievement on this game!

  3. Bro I played Nova in king of the coop, Im The SAUCE

  4. They need to buff the p90 bloom😢

  5. i will prob lose but i want to try i got albino cs flame cs and buck cs 2019 and albino P90 and flame melee on my acc

  6. Why do these humans have god tier aim/aimbot without hacks

  7. Also. To becoming technoblade😢

  8. also why is this the last video that hazmatt played oon his channel

  9. I gotta be honest I think Hazmatt won.

  10. Im trying to join PLG clan, is there a discord link I can use?

  11. SOOO GOD U TWO I'M ONLY PRO😃😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. In the shotgun round hazmat was cheating with the pistol

  13. Nova using buck p90 to give him EXTRA damage

  14. Hazzmats pistol killing method = DANGEROUS AS DYING

    Novas nade = DANGEROUS AS HELL!!!

  15. Bro is his ep of health bar: "this might have installed AIMBOT with the script!!

    Me: then why should you installed that script in this 1v1? 😂😂😂

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