Noob Vs Pro Vs Sweat | Shell Shockers -

Noob Vs Pro Vs Sweat | Shell Shockers

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Hey there: This is the first time I’m making this type of video!
Hope you enjoyed the gameplay- Thanks for all the support ❤️
Comment what type you are!

Discord: yahboyyah#6969

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  1. Alternative Title: Ali Gamer vs Slick Ya vs Yahboyyah <3

  2. you gotta have one of those fake speedrun guys for the sweat

  3. i am the sweat *cough cough a i'm a proob

  4. how can i get your theme for shell shocker

  5. Alternate title: Yahboyyah vs (some irrelevant person) vs Hanzi 🤣

  6. Alternate title: Noob VS PRO VS OGG SWEAT 😉

  7. Every 10 yr old to watch this vid: I'm a SWEAT. when there a noob.

  8. Umm I mid u in jailbreak map after ur streak

  9. Well you have to put on the "Pro" some of people doesn't sweat, they just try and get good aim

  10. omg i was in the game he is called noob

  11. Pro just got lucky he got a noob server……..

  12. yahboyyah have ks shotgun winners been announced yet?

  13. I am pro i meat you in the train yard map I am ninja

  14. I'm the pro keep the good work I just sub I love ur vids!! 🙂

  15. es drodrigo el nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub

  16. nice vid! but in the begining , noob has cc lol😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  17. How did you got that orange with black weapon?

  18. imagine using shared accounts for an intro

  19. I'm actualy at level pro almost to sweat

  20. spammers qualify as a whole other section of players: the people who have challenge aiming

  21. do you know how i can get an invisible name in shell shockers

  22. bro hired squidward for pro lol
    i lean more so to pro

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