Noob VS Pro VS God|shell shockers -

Noob VS Pro VS God|shell shockers

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Credit to Professor Jax for the vid idea


  1. i see no difference between pro and god

  2. U added the part when u killed me but not when I killed u lmao. Anyways nice vid

  3. Bruh smh that was the exact title of mine lmao

  4. Aim good yet you need to make a vid to GW22lolmFo

  5. Woah, nice video, and waste the link to that cool shell theme, is it in the Chrome
    web store? or what, please respond (:

  6. im between pro and nub

  7. Thanks man, if anybody wanna see me play shell shockers you can go see my videos (new videos each thursday) 🙂

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