Noob vs Pro vs God | Shell Shockers -

Noob vs Pro vs God | Shell Shockers

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  1. ich habe ge disliked.(prank) dann habe ich auf alle meinen 3 kanalen geliked 🙂 Krasses video

  2. Nice interpretation of the, noob, pro and God types

  3. i feel like the god bit is just using the rare skins to make it look like a god but good vid!

  4. Nice! Bro I'd say im pro id say ur god tho 😉

  5. 1:58 bruh wtf that guy has like infinite amo hack cuz he uses crackshot

  6. also the pro was better than the god

  7. The "God" was vs noobs they were pointing in the air XD

  8. You forgot to add the pro and god parts but ok

  9. i never scope, i feel like it tears down my vision and i feel like its a huge disadvantage. Does that make me a noob or something.

  10. noobs te3ngo mas huevos que tu55125859853

  11. kamu cuman berapa aku bunuh 900000000000

  12. yep now the fact is noob has 6900 eggs yep totally got it

  13. BRUH whenever I play shell shockers I am good cuz I do scope like 10 players and scope 9 players.

  14. Ztim i am pro at shell shockers yessir now i know thx bro

  15. bro i love how theres no fall damage!!!!!! i would have died so many times!
    sub ztim

  16. I love how during the noob part there was 6900 eggs XD

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