Noob vs Pro vs Bacon | Shell Shockers -

Noob vs Pro vs Bacon | Shell Shockers

YT-Bacon egg 🥚✨
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  1. 你是不是拿皮膚外掛??公帳??還是你真的有!?

  2. 一開始的noob也太強了吧

  3. 我覺得noob跟Bacon沒啥差(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

  4. 請問一下,pro所在的地圖是新地圖嗎?(我怎麼沒去過)

  5. When will you make a video about how to set up skin hacks?

  6. This is not how a noob plays. Even i was a noob and i didn't know how to move

  7. your noob isnt really moving like a noob but great video

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