No Crosshair Crackshot *RAGE!* | Shell Shockers -

No Crosshair Crackshot *RAGE!* | Shell Shockers

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this took it out of me in ways i cannot describe.
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  1. Bruh I know this before you tbh and you stole my vid idea 😭

  2. I was using the grays ocean theam fro a while ( loved it) but then it took away mt cross hair to. I ended up getting a 13 atreak and 7 360 no scopes. 😀

  3. Bruh I had the tag RAGE first because I raged, get it?

  4. hello graysocean I discovered that to have the look again, you have to delete the theme that you have installed from shell shockers!


  6. i ain't cry too long i am on my drip graysocean buck is gonna break house when your brother come in and buys all skins ok.

  7. Chatting "What happened to your neck Gray??"

  8. I was in that lobby (Lixy) and I was getting rolled as well lmao

  9. Pog video gray! Enjoyed watching u rage xD

  10. how did eliminated contestent come when u killed eggs? and rip ocean man come when u die

  11. You look gangsta this vid 😉. How did you take the cross hair away?

  12. You were totally overthinking it haha, just send it… I had this problem and didn't even notice my cross hair was. gone and hit a few kill chains and streaks.

  13. wii sports all game challenge with the one the only Gunslinger (;

  14. Nice video gray keep up the great work

  15. U can remove your theme and it will be well

  16. that guy is noob haahahaha she is looking not killing him hahahahah

  17. Now gray knows how we all feel everyday lol

  18. i have no crosshair but weird in shellshockers i hate no CrossHairs

  19. Graysecean,Go LEGENDARY 1V1 RobokGame_YT vs graysocean, me vs you yes or no?

  20. hey gray <3 been a while. just wanted to make sure you know i'm fine thanks to what you told me. It was a joy to be your mod, but I think its time for me to move on. who knows, maybe ill come back someday. I'll miss you. if you could tell chat I wont be coming back, that would be great, if anyone cares. :p I'm gonna miss you gray.

    wishing you the best,


  21. I love how hard it is to play without a crosshair, he makes it sound so funny. and something that I should try.

  22. This is what happens when u take an egg game to seriously

  23. What gray discovered today was that this is a browser game plot twist 🤯

  24. I love shell shockers its the best game ever !!!

  25. when i watch your videos it wants me to play shell shockers 🤣

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