*NEW* VIP Skin, Map, and Christmas Skins Return! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

*NEW* VIP Skin, Map, and Christmas Skins Return! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Bro, do you know when they put out that ski mask? Ive always wanted to get one, but dont know how

    2:50 Black ski mask, do you have to buy it with real money or with egg points,

    if so when does it come to the shop

  2. Why don't you like my comment has brother but I like to very much

  3. New update = Bad, I have all of these skins from last year… Can we get something new ever!

  4. i like that map i can see it being and league map 1 day

  5. Do mat you know when the golden goose will return please read me

  6. hazmatt you always tell me about the new updates from Shell Shockers! thanks!

  7. Bruh, So freaking OP bro. Keep up your good work and lets hope for 6k by the end of this year

  8. Hey Haz, which GPU do you use? At how many Hz do u play?

  9. the santa beard is not in the shop for me idk why it suppost to be a christmas item in this game

  10. um haz can i offer 3 pink head phones for one albino crack shot plssssssss its my dream gun or the streesed out face

  11. i have one month of VIP do i get to keep the items after VIP exspires?

  12. Ayy I knew all this but still got to watch the full vid 😀

  13. thx for all the updates about skins, maps, and gun skins. 👍👍👍

  14. I cant wait to get the Christmas skins I wanna have them. I was waiting sooo long for it!

  15. Hi hazmatt can you tell me how to enter into your giveways. BTW you are by far my favorite shell shockers youtuber.

  16. Jesus I was watching your 420 stack vid and I was curious how much you aged and was not expecting that…

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