*NEW* UPDATE IS HERE! (Hazmatt Skins, AUG Weapon and MORE!) | Shell Shockers! - leegamestore.com

*NEW* UPDATE IS HERE! (Hazmatt Skins, AUG Weapon and MORE!) | Shell Shockers!

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Today we look into the new shellshock.io update which just released a few hours ago. We have new Hazmatt and C4bra skins, a new weapon, weapon tweaks and more! What do you think of the update? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. this gonna help hella lot with the spammers

  2. Professor Jax is prob crying he didnt get any custom skins :edit jax pin this comment bc everyone else in chat copied me lolll

  3. hope there is a professor jax stamp and hat lol

  4. i just relied lol i mean a few minuets ago

  5. Finally a chance to breath–> Crackshot users

    Dang my time is over time to switch over to the eggk-47–> p90

    Also they need to add a proffesor Jax exclusive item.

  6. The New update is insane and I want to have Jax's Stamp at the shop

  7. I hope they come out with Professor Jax skins in the next update 👀

  8. Damn… Remember me? I was on ur first to second stream on the first one i actually mid aired u when u clapped LOL (GG) and if u look back on ur giveaway vid and the other one with ur name as Cluck i was both in it YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. CANT WAIT FOR THE JAX SKINS!!!!!!!!!! i bet u jax if theres a hat skin its gonna be 100k im not to sure about stamp. And JUST imagine if blue wizard adds YOUTUBER GUN SKINS THAT WULD BE SICK

  10. 0:25 its good but when u take a pitcher u have ur curser in the midde

  11. Let’s go love the new haz items and new gun

  12. Noice the aug is kinda bad but the EGGK IS IS NOW TOTAL BADASS! I wont be destroyed by the p90 'spammers' anymore thanks for the video jax love ur videos

  13. For me I got a 32 Killstreak in this bad boy >:) . Therefore I am the first person to get a 30+ killstreak with it


    P90 users: NOO I WANT TO SPRAY SOME KIDS, welp, time to move on in life with the AK

  15. my I ask what recorder do u use? do i need to pay for it?

  16. there’s a new swap weapon sound where other players can hear you swap weapons

  17. Yeah I was just playing I bought the rainbow skin

  18. very good video plaease meka your montage with new gun

  19. your kdr gonna down is that cause you left for a while

  20. how do i get to the page with the new gun?

  21. Hazmatt skins are dope! I can't wait for Jax skins! Keep it up!

  22. In my opinion professor Jax items should come out soon

  23. I wish there is professor jax hat and stamp I want to bwd to make the update

  24. whipper should've been reduced to thirty because it still lasers the shit out you

  25. He really should have more subs, I mean like, he’s a G O D

  26. Jax, if you swap your weapon it also makes a new noise!

  27. If you are reading this in the future
    Is the p90 forgotten? Cause today i predicted that the p90 would slowely fade into the ashes

  28. Skins do be dope
    Quick question what editor do you use?

  29. Do you like my new name jax? and I'm gonna make a video Discored Server announced + Channel rebranding

  30. The free ranger, they made it worse. It is kinda replacing the crackshot!

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