NEW Shell Shockers Weapon Update? -

NEW Shell Shockers Weapon Update?

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The Shell Shockers Devs are FINALLY working on weapon balances!

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  1. I'm loving the changes to the shotgun, but not rly loving the crackshot change…

  2. k4hhny is pro and happy 😁😁😎😎

  3. K4 you can already spec the gun just press the letter G

  4. My man spent 3 hours trimming the clips for us, what a legend.

  5. the cs scope takes wayyyyy to long to close

  6. Yo k4 i just found out about that website for shell and I bought the meno xd crackshot and I don’t have it on regular shell but lost my eggs. Idk if you know what happened.

  7. l2cas shotgun does no damage for him

  8. I really wish that the cs could have recover speed as fast as the free ranger.

  9. Sorry it's my mom's picture 😂😂

  10. I thought the crackshot scope was just me, guess they don't want anyone to use it

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