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This Video is Obviously a JOKE and is NOT Meant to be Taken Seriously! Enjoy! Special Thanks to Cryo For Creating These Bots and Allowing us to Play Against Them! Check Out His Discord! cryo#0021

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  1. Technically this is called getting views..
    lol I want it to be a real mode tho ngl

  2. hey professor jaxs the invitation to discord is invalid 🙁 you can answer this comment with a new invitation that is valid? Good video!!

  3. Petition for bwd to make zombie mode but rotten eggs instead of zombies

  4. i actually wish there was this mode in shell shockers the exact same way like this with bots that have aimbot

  5. I had the same thing it was me and someone else vs like 10 zombies in green

  6. plz do a shell shockers inventory tour Jackson!

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

  8. Ban zombies Xd as they are aimboting!! Lol

  9. He said to his friends that change your skin to green and change username to zombie

  10. I wanna be part of your video next time XD

  11. Nice job those bots are powerful and do have good reflexes but your safe if you take high ground

  12. yar mujey ye samaj nai a raha k mode kahan se lagain

  13. uh jax hi i met you on shell shockers today nvm you were so good yeet^^ uh but where did you even get those zombies anyway? is that game private game or a real server game? i am asking you because you were attacking only zombies, not any other fine people.

  14. Hey can i get the link to these for a challenge

  15. there should actually be a game mode like this

  16. can you create zombie mode in the next stream pls?

  17. 1:54, I like how the zombies are just pointing upwards at the players, jumping, and spinning like aimbotting.

  18. You should show this video to bluewizarddigital

  19. Can You Instant die From The Zombies?

  20. What a good idea, but can you tell me how to do it?

  21. I say this video now only .I want to play that mode,how to play

  22. hey its i see you in the server

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