New Shell Shockers Client?! -

New Shell Shockers Client?!

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  1. Wait… Why do you have to show an photoshop window to show the "add to desktop button"? I didn't see it when I go on the website

  2. Wow I'ma go check it out for my self And Yes It works for me fine it installed in like 2sec

  3. May help me wish it was in a iPhone would be helpful do u like the snake shotgun?

  4. Weird that you got better ping even though you were still on chrome. Will try it out tomorrow!

  5. Well… it isn't released for mac players/users right… because the file you downloaded was .exe?

  6. I got it now. Shell Shocker is a copyrighted game. I'm going to ask Twitch. Sorry to bother you.

  7. hazmatt thx for the advice loved it helped so much

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