*NEW* Premium Weapon, Stamp, Lighting Released! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

*NEW* Premium Weapon, Stamp, Lighting Released! | Shell Shockers

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  1. How do you change your sound effects plz tell me

  2. First! I'm excited to check out the new updates to the game myself 🙂 Also, what is the point of dev shell shockers? Can you play it like without wifi?

  3. Just bought that stamp, looks absolutely sick and the new lighting update is gonna take some getting used to ngl and can't wait for Friday, awesome vid haz 👌👌

  4. I’m exited for the new hat that comes out in Friday and everything and I want the tuh tuh tuh to hear what it sounds like but the lighting system will take time to get used to

  5. You really sound like a YouTuber I use to watch named Samgliator

  6. As soon as the p90 comes out, I’m buying it!!!!!!

  7. I cannot WAIT for the jason mask! It'll be the first coded item I get! Unless I win the Aviator helmet. Great video btw! Keep up the good content my guy!

  8. Now this is a poggle update, very nice stamp. However the lighting will have to be adjusted cant wait to get the new mask!

  9. Tre the new white snake weapon on shell shockers plis

  10. My favorite fruit Haz is probs blueberries because their yummy and BLUE!

  11. Untz P90… the crack shot was already annoying.

  12. Spice up your content because the streaks are getting kinda boring. It would be cool if you started hosting tournaments and doing collab montages with other youtubers

  13. The lighting is cool I like it but it’s so much harder to predict from far away

  14. I think I signed up for the killer puzzle right b it I’m not sure with the part about clicking the link in the email they sent sooooooo crossing my fingers

  15. blues map looks like a blind house. lol too bright

  16. I really like the idea of new lighting, but I think they went a little overboard on certain maps, especially Ruins and the desert maps.

  17. Do u have to subscribe to new yolker for the jason mask?

  18. The fake RTX hurts my eyes and makes playing harder. I am glad they are spending time on this instead of fixing:
    1. hit registering (too many point blank shots that just don't register)
    2. a way to choose maps instead of playing russian roulette until you find a map you like ( I can't believe this still hasn't been addressed)
    3. Some sort of "friends" list (would help the people that play pubs)
    4. a level or ranking system (not sure I really want this)
    5. the servers. (I am pretty sure the East Coast pubs were being run on a TI-84 this week)

  19. hello when is the VIP club i didn't see it lol

  20. The new update is no that cool like the maps man.

  21. I made a 40 streak with shotty the day before.

  22. I have about 14k kills in the game but I have always wanted to have like a cool egg is there any codes u could give I really want it I love ur vids btw h dont have to just asking

  23. Hey hazmat u have inspired me to make my own shell shock yt channel I was wondering if u could shout me out or give me a few tips

  24. Ooh nice guns i wish they wern't 10 dollars lol

  25. Which recorder do you use? If you can say thank you because I'm recording some shell shockers videos too.

  26. yo i was in ur game rn my user was areuhsellee

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