NEW MAP, NEW ITEMS!! - Shell Shockers With Fans -

NEW MAP, NEW ITEMS!! – Shell Shockers With Fans

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Lots of new things this time around,
and we are trying out a new and special
way to make this video, with fans!

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  1. can you resend the code or post it on here

  2. Is this your only job and why do u dress in a suit every video and i was on the red team i was so disappointed

  3. You should consider getting Adblock, unless you’re doing it do make the shellshockers devs money, which is fair.

  4. Please keep doing SHELL SHOCKER vids!!!!!!

  5. I’m sharing your Chanel to my Instagram do more shell shockers

    @that_one_white_girl_ if you wanna follow me

  6. u should get a lot more attention you are a great youtuber, =)

  7. I was there and was excited to hear/meet you and you kicked my butt ehh but i tried

    Made my whole!! week

  8. There is a new update of capture the statula in she'll schockers

  9. I was looking for a good shell shockers channel, as I play it at home, but it is blocked on my high school's wifi, and this channel is pretty good, the best that I've found so far

  10. also the new game mode is out, it's pretty fun, but there is a confusing score counter that I would love it if you could explain in a future video

  11. not sure if this is a update but the RPG you no longer need to stand still to fire

  12. I like ur vids and this is the first video I've seen from u

  13. moon man u need to make more shell shockers vids mania ,look u close 2 1k sub just keep its up we get u.

  14. Hey I played with you on shellshockers earlier. My name was Aubrey

  15. moon is not in a clan i am tho. It is the [RSM] clan

  16. who else is only subed because of shell shockers

  17. Dudeee I don’t know how you keep soo calm I’m sadly one of them that as a badddd and I mean bad rage I wish I wasn’t like that I try to keep calm but 99.7 % of the time it doesn’t work

  18. yo man can u use the hart free ranger for me pls

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