NEW *LEGENDARY UPDATE* IS HERE (New GameMode, Back2School Skins & MORE!) | Shell Shockers -

NEW *LEGENDARY UPDATE* IS HERE (New GameMode, Back2School Skins & MORE!) | Shell Shockers

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Today we look into the new legendary shell shockers update which will come out this September!

We have the Back2School Skins, A NEW GAMEMODE and much MORE!
What do you think of the update? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sorry guys the update isn't out yet – it will be out on the 1st September

  2. Gosh the best update ever, the weapons are sooo cool :0Thanks Yahboyyah for updating a new month of Shell Shockers 🙂

  3. Ahh
    I Don't See The Weapons in the Website Where You See The Upcoming Updates
    And I Don't See The Stamps And Hats Too
    Only The Map and The New Game Mode …

  4. @yahboyyah Uh… It didnt update for me do you know why?

  5. I wish this update did not exist.. such a kids type and the game won't grow since no one will make content out of this except underaged kids. Also most of the shell shockers people like "lukie", "bubbleaxe" and even me might quit because of the update. Just stating my opinion 🙂 also great video. Saw some other cool things except for the gamemode like school stuff, and I love how they included the guns and skins!

  6. Yo this new update is freaking insane bro.
    yahboyyah you are my fav Shell Shockers youtuber.
    Love your content

  7. update is stupid af no one wants a damn jump pad for staged trickshots

  8. Lengend jump pads and pog update back to school

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