NEW Halloween Update is OUT! (review)+ 72 Killstreak | Shell Shockers! -

NEW Halloween Update is OUT! (review)+ 72 Killstreak | Shell Shockers!

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Clarx – H.A.Y.
Cartoon – On&On (ft. Daniel Levi)
Dirty Palm – Freakshow (ft. LexBlaze)
Electro-Light – Symbolism
Heuse – Stones (ft. Chris Linton & Emma Sameth)


  1. Thanks for the review of new stuffs and slick gameplay! We appreciate it

  2. nice video! great kill streak agn. again, i think you should only include the kills not the running around part.

  3. DUDE I TOLD U ur getting attention!!! also noice finally meeeting your profile pic!

  4. Bro most of those items were rare!! Cant wait to get themmm!!

  5. I think when i hit use F was easy than use V

  6. The new update is so good! SO nice, that on the browser version BlueWizard bring very nice/much updates to! That make the game so fun evertime again!

  7. Wow what a w game i used to play chicken gun but now that i see this game i might install it also nice gameplay ur very good (Hope i get pinned) i also subscribed

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