NEW GUNS - Shell Shockers -

NEW GUNS – Shell Shockers

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There was recently a new update that added
some new guns, lets take today to try them
out, see how they stack up to the others.

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  1. Moon was that really you in my game? I was instinct kill in teams and you were using a sniper with the same outfit you are using now

  2. I once got a 36 kill streak just by using that one shot sniper.

  3. Hey Moon, wanna collab
    (one of my comments told me to play you and I also want to play with you).

  4. How do you get so many eggs and I love the new weapons

  5. I think the crack shot is a great new gun!

  6. Hey the game makers should add a gaster blaster then he can be a gaster blaster master then after practice he will be a gaster blaster master caster eeeeeeyyyyyyyyy

  7. hi your really good with the sniper your kill streak is insane i hope i become like you one day your a god

  8. I think I'm actually better with the new sniper than I am with the old one. But I am terrible with the P90.

  9. Me and my friends always go to the library at school to play this but our teachers think we love books

  10. The whipper is trash because it makes little damage and takes too much to reload

  11. I did a 1v1 against my teacher and I won 😂

  12. whats ur best kill streak with crackshot (the new sniper)
    mine is 36

  13. wipper takes along time to kill
    crackshot is one shot one kill

  14. Dayum rainbow skin already? I’m just tryna get the happy Gun bear crackshot xD

  15. if you fire continuously the the four lines on your screen will widen, this is bloom, in shell shockers, moving in any way and continuously firing will increase bloom. aiming down sights will reduce bloom while moving and continuously firing, pacing your shots will reset the bloom after a short duration, great vid though…

  16. i am really good at using the whipper and the easiest way to kill people with that is to aim and to shoot in the middle of the egg

  17. t nul tu jou la grosse pm t nul moi mon record de kille c 29

  18. Love watching all your ShellShockers videos and 2:26 made me laugh so much, you are awesome! :'D

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