*NEW* Grenade, Thee Owl, & Rpegg Skins Released! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

*NEW* Grenade, Thee Owl, & Rpegg Skins Released! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Hazmatt may I have all the Albino weapons please. I'm a huge fan you're very very good at the game. It will make me very happy.

  2. speaking of yeetus when is that rpg streak coming LMFAO

  3. Yeah I’m really excited for the Grenade skins. I’m planning on buying some so it should be awesome!

  4. RPG techno only challenge i want see

  5. They should make a rpegg sound that screams like as it is shot

  6. great video Hazmatt!! Albino snake in future cant wait Thanks for the entertainment!

  7. Wow this has been the earliest I’ve commented and it’s me on ur discord

  8. dude theres someone that had the rpegg and it kept yeeting and i got so distracted

  9. The 1 time is know about the update be4 haz

  10. yes i saw the skins already there cool I bot the toxic skin nade and the thee owl stamp I would by the hat but I only had 33k eggs and nice vid

  11. This update brought a lot of new cool things to this game 🙂

  12. I wonder if BWD will add premium grenade skins.

  13. Lol thanks to sharkbucks he came up with the idea of bade skins 🙂

  14. The_Owl: I have my very own shell shockers skins!
    Zixer: *cri*

  15. haz is so lucky to have a lot of subs i wish i had 🙁

  16. Hazmatt do you remember the time you went to my game and you named ur self Azriel and destroyed us all i forgot how many kills u had and I wanna watch it but idk if u posteded it on yt or if u recorded but if you have the vid plz put it on your yt thx

  17. Im a boy btw im just using my sis account

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