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*NEW* Breakfast Update! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Rats is my favorite map when I play with my friends, it’s a great sniper map which is what we all main

  2. You know what they say! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  3. There's something a little sus you can do with the pablo flakes :). 3rd btw

  4. I haven't played shell shockers in like 4 months but I still watch ur videos.

  5. it is really a bummer when i fought hazmatt with a youtube play button on his name and then i lagged, i came back into the room and it wasn't the room!

  6. U forgor the breakfast sandwich nade in shop otherwise good review on the update

  7. "which means two towers is still in the public map pool which is all I care about"

  8. Yeah the new shotty is weird, but now I have 36 shotguns so…

  9. The only thing i care about in this update is that castle and two towers are still public. Kinda sad that wreckage and catacombs were moved to publick though.

  10. Bro yo i love ur vids i wanan 1v1 u pls end me a msg if ur free and u know wanna 1v1 pls dont ignore AintFair#8909😊

  11. The new map is really cool I hope u get a lot of kills on it

  12. Why mud gulch and road… why not something else

  13. I usually don’t like a lot of the bigger maps but I think the rats map is actually really good. Possibly one of my favorites. Also the ketchup gun is probably either for hash browns or a breakfast burrito

  14. Sorry to say but rpegg is actually the main in this

  15. 𝕊𝕃𝔾 𝕂𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕡𝕪 says:

    hazmatts real name is matt i think 😁

  16. These videos make me want to play… that’s how good they are, keep making then!

  17. I remember when they guns where 3k eggs. I would go so broke

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