*NEW* 2021 Skins, Map, & VIP Item! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

*NEW* 2021 Skins, Map, & VIP Item! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Hazmatt i swear they do more damage then normal

  2. Interesting maps and I also Want info on Shellshockers mobile @Hazmatt

  3. Is it just me or the servers are way more laggeir or is it just me

  4. Omg noooo the skins are so cool but my chromebook tho😵

  5. 2021 skins are cool and te map is like a evolution of the piramit map, nice nice and nice 🙂

  6. Epic map new guns are cool but not the best

  7. its good to see that someone still has some shellshockers content

  8. Yo hazmatt thanks for showcasing everything! And the new map is like Duel Pyramid but bigger!!

  9. It’s Duel Pyramid, but larger and better 😀

  10. I buy all the gear in bulk and was confused by the drop, the backwards glasses were to blame.

  11. only thing i dont like is thst they made them default looking again

  12. holy shit so many eggs lmao can u donate me 🙂

  13. Am i the only one that ran to my computer to see the new updates?😂😂😂😂

  14. How much cost a laptop to buy i want to play shell shockers too

  15. Why he never answer our comment?but he is still the best Shell yt

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