Never Mess with the Buster (36 Killstreak) | Shell Shockers -

Never Mess with the Buster (36 Killstreak) | Shell Shockers

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  1. No one can beat my streak of being seoned today 🗿

  2. yo r.i.p to the peoplle who got busted also how do you get this hat

  3. Yo bro I just played you in a lobby yesterday. My name was recel + ratio

  4. As soon as i saw the title, i knew ben had absolutely dogged on everyone there😂😂

  5. Hey, Nice ks again, I gotta improve my scrambler, prolly one of my weakspots! Can you do another RPEGG killstreak? Its really satisfying lol!! Have a great day!

  6. Nice KS. so satisfying to watch, GGs, could you make a whipper Guide I think that would be really fun.(btw the discord doesnt work for me idk why)

  7. damn ben! did you meet anyone named bing bong? i met someone named buster_ben1 but idk if it was you or not bc the yt badge wasn't on

  8. Noice streak can you use the Pablo rifle crackshot for a kill streak btw nice content ❤

  9. Bro you destroyed that one dude bro. 😂

  10. I think the sounds delayed a bit, nice vid!

  11. tip: if you want high killstreaks, just go to capture the spatula, and play midnight to meet high ping players.

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