My Top 10 RAREST skins in Shell Shockers -

My Top 10 RAREST skins in Shell Shockers

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  1. I have satellite hat which is one of the rarest hats in the entire game.

  2. this just isn't fair… how come you get all the bucks 🥺

  3. Got a nuke zone pistol and a killstreak shotty

  4. i have the burgler mask 2019 albino spotify headphones

  5. Clean video Swi! can we also talk about all those Shell league stamps there Dam you must been popping off

  6. Wouldn't this be equal to the top 10 rarest skins in shell shockers since you have like every rare item. 😤

  7. I have 3 rares. NZ pistol, sunglasses, and egg org stamp.

  8. Got straw skull bandana red goggles egg org stamp stressed out monocle chicken finger and last and finally hamburger muffs and fez hat

  9. The Fact He Said, "I only have 3 of them" got me laughing so hard

  10. Istg swi stop flexing with ur inv
    Can u share tht acc with me?

  11. I have nuke zone pistol, red goggles, alien antenna, astronaut hat

  12. My rare: nothing
    My most rare in my acc: probs the skull wand pistol and AirPods
    I don’t have any rare. That’s the most rare in my acc I mean good all I have wanted is an buck crack code

  13. The only code I have is 2 new yolkers and Gas Mask👍👍

  14. Tbh some noobies might thing it's a shared account lol, but in fact it's not hehehe.🤭🤭🤭

  15. Bro Thats a Lot of eggs you got there

  16. Peek I think he was playing shell shockers when it made

  17. Love ur buck roger skins and ur aries stamp
    Wish i could get ne of those!!!

  18. swi be flexing on all us normies lol, keep up the grind <3

  19. My rarest gun skin is kill streak shotty lmao 🙁

  20. I have sungllasses and Firefighters Hat, I won them all in 1 day , what luck

  21. My rarest item is probs the riddler hat that i just burnt (2 of them. oof. i didnt know they're the same lmfao)

  22. Wow…………… how u got your cool inv?

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