MY BEST CLIPS (MenoXD stream edition) | Shell Shockers -

MY BEST CLIPS (MenoXD stream edition) | Shell Shockers

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  1. Oh my gosh pog. Video. Pog pog ill sleep tonight dreaming about this video!! Nsmmskfmeme

  2. Once again a nice vid! I liked the 1st and 2nd clip the most. Road to 2k! I want to see a another montage, when my fav BWD CC reached 2k subs! (Boolet).

  3. guys its the rsmb hes tryna fool us

    lo jkjk meno always has like zero reaction if someone 360's him lol

  4. bro my heart get melted while seeing ur gameplay, u r the best smoothest player i have ever seen so satisfying kills

  5. Boolet's name already says his bullet is going through the egg ☠️

  6. ayyy those first 2 one was 101% amazing ! The extreme goodest shots I've ever seen!

  7. Guys please help me I’m trying to find the real boolet but I can’t and here I come across another fake boolet 🙁 I’m sad now

  8. WOWOWOWWO amazing as always
    shots on point
    =op boolet

  9. saying boolet is like a massage for ur tongue

  10. 😀
    I don't actually remember the prefire you did on me
    My favorite clips were the ones that I got clipped on :))

  11. Can u maybe make a vid like all you’re clips on cc’s maybe? Oh and these clips are insane

  12. A cc who actually posts interesting and quality videos! Its yaboi jenkins!

    Syke i love you too 💪💪💪

  13. Boolet ayyyy nice vid its boyson

  14. The best shot i liked was 2:59 lmao my guy saving the recording and flicking, takes real skills

  15. How the?? What the fu- Bro, ur reflex is off the charts! And ur aiming… I can't even describe it

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