My Best Clips in Shell Shockers (Part 4) -

My Best Clips in Shell Shockers (Part 4)

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  1. idk why are you not watching swi videos ;-;

  2. bro insane wantched up 10 times swear lmfao'

  3. Can someone give me tips on how to aim what do u guys focus on ur own personal gaming style to play.

  4. stop staging clips… only reason you won BWD comp ☹️ I’m onto you

  5. Brahhh now that ptg is gone (f dat 🍗💩🍉🦝) imma finna watch all y’all videos and be ur number one sub 😇 pog vid FYI

  6. when do you ever miss a shot btw pubs with aries members when?

  7. FINALLY some actual good clips!!! I’ve been so sick of watching those no-skill lucky stupid Bloom shots from Vital and Ewa 🐇 #wabbitwabbit

  8. whats your mouse speed at??? damn you're too good

  9. Omg no way that someone like that noob died he's sl mvp 2030 the person was for sure hacking when they killed him,but nice shots

  10. Insane shots, what is ur mouse speed cuz ur shots are soo smooth

  11. Pog….Can i make your logo for you? That one looks…..unique? Reply if you want me to 🙂

  12. this is the exact vid i was waiting for!

  13. Make more again this is the best content 😀

  14. Wholesome content dude. Keep it up!

  15. congrats to all your cool snipz hope you have a good rest of your night or day

  16. how to troll people in shell shockers

    step 1: troll the people only with repeggs

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