My Best Clips in Shell Shockers (Part 3) -

My Best Clips in Shell Shockers (Part 3)

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sorry for some of the clips being laggy

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  1. ngl but if there was smartest plays Swi alr won

  2. OP! That one dislike is from lufalan since u clipped him 🤣🤣🤣

  3. OK OK OK, shall we talk about the HAX!! xD WOW! I keep getting amazed by these shots every time you post

  4. You must make a montage out of em introducing you

  5. Bro how you got that blue skin iam also player of shellshockers I also want that skin

  6. excuse me …4:03 is 1020fps and btw none of the clips were laggy nie video wish i was like you

  7. Swi pls tell me what is the name of this music I LOVE IT

  8. I feel honored, I was in a game with swi. Lessons plzz, how r u so pro? lol

  9. umm…i need an online free recorder to record my gameplay with no lag…plz anyone :((:(:(:(

  10. dude pls do best clips 4 your the best player in history, better then wiz…

  11. Swi could probably do a one hour montage if he played every day and recorded

  12. u ahount have opened the chat…

  13. what gun. is your favorite gun 2019shot gun??

  14. this is litrally my 20th time i am watching this cuz this is all smooth kills, keep it up, keep sending videos like this

  15. I’ve seen his old vids. How do you go from that to this?

  16. wats the name of the background music???

  17. the fact that your playing on 60 fps and consistently destroying people is insane

  18. what kind of shaolin training do you have?

  19. What song did u use? I Relly like it. I’m thinking of putting it in my shell shockers vids. Pls reply and tell me.

    [CHS] Pain

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