Mood l A shell shockers montage plus GIVEAWAY! -

Mood l A shell shockers montage plus GIVEAWAY!

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how to enter:
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comment a song that you want our next montage to be 🙂


  1. Next song: Unstoppable!!! Keep it up !!! subbed, liked

  2. Yummy 360's 😉
    I like rap so i was thinking about Workin by YSB Trill or Whoopty by CJ

  3. next song should be Unstoppable by The Score

  4. Subbed and Liked – I think a good song next time is one by Juice WRLD – you can choose (hopefully I still get entered)

  5. search up "competition stamina beats" deltastorm used that in one of his montages

  6. Song choice- "Chosen One" by the Valley of Wolves

  7. for the next montage i would like Moonlight by xxxtentacion

  8. if anyone wants to get a merc suit and has something to offer to trade, dm me on discord at {POG}Lightyear#1465. I am very leniant in trading as I dont have many items, so make an offer!

  9. Do an unstoppable song for the montage! Good luck!

  10. Ight so i think u should put idk wut music and btw this is hi4711

  11. Next montage could be Seven Nation Army ! Also good vid

  12. THe song I think you should use in your next montage is Dynamite by BTS

  13. I only ever seen one person do it and it was in a normal video not a montage its Blood In The Water, by Grandson

  14. its a nice montage with some really nice midairs and flicks, one tip, don't play the song from a phone and convert it into and mp3, download the song as an mp3, the next montage i would like to see you do is mollly by iann dior or Handsome/ GTA which are both by rarin, i think all three of them are good montage songs…. If you do need help downloading it as an mp3 dm me at XXreX#3003 and ill just dm you the file.

  15. nice vid my man, next song should be pretty by landon cube. my discord is samreee#6563

  16. Next Monatge song could be, Moonlight by XXXTENTATION

  17. Next Song- Legends are made, by Sam Tinnesz

  18. Next song: The only one King. Thats so cool montage

  19. Hi remember me from the 1v1? (DCT Prokiller)

  20. Nice vid + Next song should be legends never die heres my dis O2 the Lion#2965

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