MELEE ONLY? - Shell Shockers -

MELEE ONLY? – Shell Shockers

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Welcome to the first unscheduled Shell
Shockers video, where I attempt to use
the new weapon and nothing else.

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  1. Hey PolarizedMoon, I love your shellshockers video but please make more shellshockers videos. You're channel kinda died without shell shockers, and all your effort in you videos are wasted, you barely get any views 🙁 Please upload more shell shockers again

  2. Can't wait for the melee skins!

  3. †ร1ภ† [Shell Shocker Mafia Clan] says:

    So are your old codes… could you check your dms ig i was wondering if i could make a deal for them

  4. †ร1ภ† [Shell Shocker Mafia Clan] says:

    also what is your average fps for shell

  5. The melee could be useful for scrambler users.

  6. Nice work bro keep it up. U are 1 of the og first ccs and ur like the godfather of shellshockers lol. I love how u make content for fun not just for shell but also MC and runescape including other rpgs, keep it up bro ur the best

  7. Nice!! What’s your fps btw, I’ve always wondered

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