May I Flex? | A Shell Shockers Montage + Giveaway -

May I Flex? | A Shell Shockers Montage + Giveaway

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Part 1: Edited by BB8hu
Part 2: Edited by P6in
Part 3: Edited by me

Introduction Cinematic: TZ

Thumbnail By: F4DE

My Montage Team:
1. P6in
2. Elan Mask
3. Beets
4. Conductor
5. Yahboyyah
6. Slick Ya
7. Boolet
8. Agent Adam
9. BB8hu
10. Bugggsbun
11. TZ
12. Waldoh
13. Gibby
14. Aspect (Crocs)


  1. Bro Vital ur crazyyyy man. I cant spot 1 bad thing in this montage. (but thumbnail sucks)

  2. The edit is sick! I think u need to edit sooooo long time

  3. the first cin was insane that was my fav cin

  4. My fav part was definitely the intro, Amazing montage, defs top 3

  5. fav part : the helicopter with the egg, that's pretty funny and cool. The Montage is INSANE. NICE !

  6. My favourite part was definetely the intro. Bro those animations were SICK

  7. damn what editing software do you use!!!!!plz

  8. My favorite part was The whole video🔥already subbed to both of them 🙂

  9. My favourite part was the animation in the beginning! its so good! Pew#7790

  10. Favorite part was the title because:
    No you may not flex

  11. That montage is fire man fire! my fav part was 0:29 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔴™#3493

  12. my fav part was the start with the renders that was an insane montage!! tofi123#7646

  13. NICE! Loved the first two parts, but the other edits were good too!

  14. By the way make a montage that just features all your trickshots on me so I can see how bad I am at this game ;).

  15. favorite part was the BB8hu Part. The whole montage in general was LITTTTT. Trickshots were insane.

  16. favourite part was the INTRO holy you made a movie brah G.Shadow_YT#6390 oh wait i forgot u got my discord… enter me IN :$

  17. That was insane!! The whole montage was my favourite part! Dis INSANE

  18. Rip p6 his intro 😂😂 I liked bb8hu his part but tz his renders were insane as well

  19. The intro 100%%% those renders are godly (road to 800)

  20. my fav part is the whole vid XD nice edits you 3

  21. bb8hu part btw bb8hu dies ur name mean something

  22. My favourite part was the intro! It looked amazing

  23. ik i can't won due ti my bad luck i have entered 37 giveaway won 0 wish won this time & i like the helicopter scene

  24. No you can’t flex cuz ur too good at editing and shell 🙂 my fav was all parts. Roshan#2142. Why do you give away stuff that you don’t have. Like ur giving away the 2019 crackshot when you don’t have it. Anyways GL

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