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LOTS OF BULLETS – Shell Shockers

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Here is a weapon that I’m not particularly
that great with, but I’ll do my best to get at
least some kind of decent streak with it.

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  1. I love it when he says "because……why not"lOT OF ENTHUSIASM

  2. You killed your lack of skills. That means now you DO have skills. Yay.

  3. I been playing with this gun a few times lately and I think I'm getting better and better at it.

  4. Hmmmm, why didn’t you buy the crackshot?

  5. Nice video moon keep up the good work but I have a question is the new yolker free or not and in the mean time keep up the good work

  6. the quick change weapons screen is not centered because you have your browser zoomed in.

  7. When your in the shop and you buy like the new gun skins, is it just for looks or does that make your weapon better as well?

  8. You should put the facecam on the bottom left also why did you only hip fire

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