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L2cas Montage | Shell Shockers

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The best Montage out there right now

ARIES Community Server

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  1. This was an amazing fantastic montage, one of the best I've ever seen by far, but lets be real, lufalan was by far the best part

  2. Girls look out there is a new pro in town

    -Nice montage L2as!

  3. Amazing Amazing Amazing a spectacular piece of Art

  4. Your my idol can I train with you and lufalan but not the slimy he mean THANKS!!!!

  5. Has anyone noticed that it is a simple game of eggs with guns? How have some people gotten to so much? already with that they are considered super pros 🤣

  6. Vital rlly did make L2cas look like a good player lmfao

  7. i gave the idea in aries community server L2cas ides list im also an aries im aries BeastGamer

  8. the effects are pretty sick and cinematics, this probably took vital 2 hours ngl

  9. those cins and edits tho… you were hitting some godly level shots but wth were those…

  10. Gibby and vital give L2cas present? P0G 😱😎🥶

  11. Worst shell shockes montage ever

    is what this montage is not

  12. Tell slimy and his telepathy montage to get tf out the way

  13. this is one of the better montages out there

  14. L2CASSSSSS!!!! shoot it up shoot it up shoot it up——-

  15. Slimy peek zouma and gibby might as well hand over their sl mvp bc l2cas will for sure get it and carry aries

  16. bro this is absolute dog this montage is bad your shots are soo common like they are baddd bet I can make better (JK ITS GOOD)

  17. This is Insane POGGERS I stand by that statement

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