King of bloom 👑+Albino rpg giveaway | Shell Shockers -

King of bloom 👑+Albino rpg giveaway | Shell Shockers

Ninja shell shockers-YT
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we do cool giveaways 😛

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  1. Dang you really are the king of blooms. Yur also better then me. Keep up the good work man!

  2. Nice giveaway! never got an albino before.. hope i can win one Candescent#9546

  3. Hahaha Kyle Exum's fire, basstoven's my personal top. Ayo Albino too, sick Zakible#0001

  4. Love the montage i wish i could get those kills xd

  5. I love the smooth gameplay! You have pro aim! swift.exe

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