KING I A Shell Shockers Montage -

KING I A Shell Shockers Montage

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What’s up everyone,
today I’m uploading my biggest montage ever,
I hope you will enjoy it and drop a SUB and a LIKE.


  1. one of the best montages ive ever seen im not overexaggerating thats 🔥

  2. yo that was insane! cins on point, who made it?

  3. Still going to say that wiz did NPS Dirty

  4. Sick Edit + Sick Clips = A sick montage 🔥

  5. Dang, this is better than my edits(not saying a lot lol) nice job 👍oh also the text in this is soooo clean and 0:13 is very clean too

  6. Yo, I got helped for cins with this! Fire editing but it wasn’t u haha

  7. This is really nice, the transitiond are really nice and smooth and great effects aswell with the shots. Great montage.

  8. Oh my goooshh bro this is so good. Do you make montages for others? 👀

  9. I know it was fishy 😂 guys it was my idea I told him to do a montage for his next vid, i guess I can controll this channel ez LMAO

  10. Bro this is the first thing I see when I come back to shell and I aint complaining

  11. When could u edit like this!??

  12. My second comment i guess? Not bad. Nice monty pac

  13. I wish i had a better editor so i can actually add cool stuff to my m,ontages

  14. We need another one right now! rtv pac!

  15. You got so mad when Jet FFed the game because you didnt screenshare lmao

  16. Really nice. Especially the transition at 0:53, you got creative. Hope to see more of this in the future!

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