Is Shell Shockers Pay-to-Win? | Shell Shockers Stream Highlights -

Is Shell Shockers Pay-to-Win? | Shell Shockers Stream Highlights

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  1. finally, not a ks vid.

    Also when do you usually stream? people would love to know


  3. Hazmatt's back! Ay dude I don't know whether you stay some days but make some memories and do some challenges! My guy challenges … I've been commenting from the recent 4-5 videos but you never did… would be happy if you did it … have a fantastic rest of your day!

  4. Hey! Haz , It would be BANGERS If you talk with Nova for 1v1 and post it soon … sorry for askin' you cuz so many of the viewers asked and you might get pissed off… Great As Usual.

  5. ima send a link if you could join i would be SOOOOOO hyped

  6. 1:47 only og’s would know about secret dmg. I’m actually relevant enough to be in a video 😎

  7. Was this an old video or something recent?

  8. Great video Haz! Love the content. Always bangers!

  9. Ayo, Haz is BACK! Gonna love watching you over the summer man 🔥

  10. good vid haz bring back the streams if you have the time man good stuff

  11. I haven’t played in like a year but this is pretty nostalgic seeing one of your videos, I miss the shell shockers from like 2019 or so before the weird laser guns and shields etc. good old days

  12. Baddush shotgun is just so satisfying. Playing with it feels so smooth. We’re the crackshot vid😭

  13. Hey Haz! You need to create a discord server man … atleast this summer 😀

  14. ngl i forgot this game even existed, remember streaming it back in the day

  15. I play ss hazmatt has helped me a lot with it

  16. Hazmatt is actually my favorite pistol player : D

  17. Great gameplay Haz, love it! You're great as ever

  18. you havent got the update yet

  19. Haz have you ever played in a scrim before?

  20. Wow I didn't think you streamed anymore

  21. Havent played in so long… would like to play with Hazmat one day, but when you’re across the world, it gets kinda hard. Also that thing on the killstreak on chromebook, the part where the chromebook gets heated and freezes, is very relatable. Happens to me all the time.

  22. Hazmatt Do You Want To Play Shell Today In A Live Server?

  23. I can finally know whos the real hazmatt i always see fake ones but keep up the content bro video is a banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Hey! Haz , Can you reply your discord server plz?

  25. Always love it when you stream Haz, hopefully you stream soon! Also, great vid 🙂

  26. Wait a minute. Yesterday, we pvped right? You lost against me

  27. Can u give
    Me ur shell shockers account?

  28. Can you give me aribino shortgun and sniper. Fine give me an account only

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