IQ Living Legends | Shell Shockers Montage! -

IQ Living Legends | Shell Shockers Montage!

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IQ is back baby! From 17/03/19 to 15/05/20 has finally decided to come back to Pre League, here is a tribute to the mighty boys of IQ for the upcoming season and past. Albino Crackshot giveaway in my discord! Subscribe to join the Albino Crackshot Giveaway

“Thanks to Yaboi Jenkins for the renders in the thumbnail: “


  1. Looking at this 3 years later I would revive iQ

  2. Now I rlly want to be in this clan 😀

  3. that was so nice and clean
    what you use to edit with

  4. nice vid vital just heads up i noticed u used YaBoi Jenkins Renders and u kinda forgot to give him credit for the thumbnail :/ just hedsup

  5. are people just going to stop trying to make thumbnails

  6. Y'all are getting too damn good 😀 Thanks for the video

  7. late reply b r u h this guy might be better then me shit he’s cracked

  8. Eminem: You only have one shot
    Crackshoters: Yes

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