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*Inverted Axis* Challenge | Shell Shockers

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  1. Yeah try doing inverted in raidland. I did it for a video omg it’s annoying

  2. can ur next kill streak vid be with the snake crackshot

  3. Someone in my clan plays controller and he's better than me lmao

  4. LMAO this is hilarious and yes my eyes hurt now jkjk but nice video

  5. Vid idea : get a 10+ kill streak in all servers ( world )

  6. i post random comments on youtube videos says:

    turn your mouse upside down so it feels like not inverted

  7. i like how hazmatt said yup dont worry about me im just chilling tht was funny

  8. hey hazmatt can u tell me how can you get a good ping

  9. Hazmatt Can U teach Me how to play plz U are Really Good Add me on discord or Dm » 𝘽𝙊𝙏#5102 plz

  10. I think it’s moon factory but I think your right

  11. well if it inverts the mouse on the main menu then

  12. Hey hazmatt you are not a pro fight with Farhan Dx

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