Inventory Tour Speedrun | Shell Shockers Stream Highlights -

Inventory Tour Speedrun | Shell Shockers Stream Highlights

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  1. dang he was went so far, i have been subbed to him since he had 3k

  2. I remember the time you reacted to my video on stream, one of the greatest achievements of my life.

  3. Hazmatt: "We got this hat and this hat and we got this hat and this hat"

  4. Bro, he has more guns than I have kills😜 Lol, Nice Video

  5. Hazmatt how do you move so fast while spectating? And I thought you had the yeet RPEGG

  6. Quick question what happens when you boot others

  7. Your thumbnail is always funny lol…😂🤣

  8. Idk man I feel like they should add a pigeon hat or something right 🙄 I mean they should😳

  9. Hazmatt is a legendary, he is known in shell and the best gamer!!! I love your videos keep it up and inspire others!! 😁🙏🏼🔥

  10. Hey where u live? I used to check ur comuniting post every month and get a nostalgic feeling when u say i will be posting soon, by the way love from India.

  11. Not going to lie – kinda loved it!

  12. Can you do a vid on why u always randomely throw ur grenades at first play and why u always switch to ur secandary(pistol) before reloding?

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