INVENTORY TOUR - Shell Shockers -

INVENTORY TOUR – Shell Shockers

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People wanted to see all the items I have, so here they are, there are some that I am missing, but I have most of them.

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  1. I hope you and your family are safe! 👍❤️

  2. nice vid ive been wanting you to show me it

  3. Hope from home the biggest global fund raiser?

    angry team trees noises

  4. Nice video, I love your inventory!

    Edit: the page said something went wrong so I can't donate.

  5. Don’t you have the white snake skin? Btw I’m typing his before watching the whole video, don’t wanna be late

  6. another way to wash your hands for 20 seconds is to sing the happy birthday song 3 times

  7. also i have 85 thousand kills and havent gotten a single skull as a reward 🙁

  8. You're missing the Yolk goggles and the cracked egg. ( I have both I can show screenshot)

  9. ooh! white snake p90 Ive always wanted something rare. I have been playing since 2018 and I haven't gotten anything rare but nuke zone pistol.

  10. Also the star wars rpg looks so cool! Thx for showing your inv!

  11. I can believe how a noob like you can get 138 killstreak lol ( just jk)

  12. What gun skins are you going to give away if you give away

  13. Yo ur inventory is cool mine is trash because I don’t have all the limited edition

  14. You should do a tournament on this game go to a private lobby

  15. there is a nuke zone pistol but it is limited edition.

  16. please can i have youre acc bc you dont play oftn now

  17. Erm, maybe he paid for eggs before, because the biggest limit of his money should be 1952040 only

  18. I buy what I want and not buying all anyways, but your inventory is so amazing bro

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