Introducing the JWBerry3D Theme for Shell Shockers | Version 1 -

Introducing the JWBerry3D Theme for Shell Shockers | Version 1

JW Berry
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The best looking Shell Shockers theme has just arrived, the JWBerry3D Theme! Featuring the iconic red, white, and black color scheme of JW, the theme also has animated backgrounds and scope! The theme is still in development and will have updates in the future.

Giveaway: 1 Animated Theme winner, 4 Static Theme winners.
How to Enter: Be subscribed to JW on YouTube, watch video all the way through, and comment what you liked the most from the theme! Winners have been pulled live on

Theme has been released to public:

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Song: Siberian Express – Talk To Me [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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  1. Nub – Damn what when u said it’s gonna be lit I didn’t think this much 🤯🔥🚒 Edit: this isn’t my account so don’t mind the name

  2. What I liked about the vid is that you will be giving it away. IT IS SOOO POG WOW.

  3. 1:30 easily my fav A) sick shot B) the fps is higher than my IQ C) How many highlights must be redeemed for you to give me this? 10? 20? 50!?

  4. i love how u put the pro plays logo when u get the 10 streak thing XD it really is pro plays

  5. HELO COMRADE ITS ME CHEEKIBREEKI, my bless to you is a shashlik that will make your enemies' screens lag for you to kill them easily. :)))))

  6. i loved the intro plus the back round plus the 3rd effect wass doppe

  7. Damn, It would look good on my pc since its Red 😀 and thats what i like about it 😉

  8. Watched it, and my jaw dropped. Best part, the animated background is such an awesome touch. And the Spatula Animation? I would have never thought to animate that. Grandpa do really be flexing on us. He'll be the Shell Theme Legend.

  9. Completely forgot to add a comment, but that spatula animation just gets me into awe, it's just so flawless.

  10. i love the spatula animation and pro plays 10 killstreak thing – so creative – THE EDITING TOO GOT ME HOOKED TO THE VIDEO – pro themee

  11. The editing is next level and the egg breaker…it looks absolutely amazing. Fantastic work and I can't wait to try it out!!

  12. I like how it actually exists. I can't believe it :O

  13. all of them i like it!!! <3 AWESOME WORK WOOOHO!!!

  14. The thing i liked the most about was the black,red, and white color scheme spicy

  15. Dang, whoever edited this is actually insane at editing. I liked the scope the most.

  16. OOOO so cool What I liked the most was the new scope

  17. I WANT THAT THEME for giveaway: my fave is the scope its so cool bro

  18. The scope is sickk and I like the red color evrywhere

  19. hey berry imthe guy of instagram the stream, can u do to me a theme like that with another colors pls

  20. hey berry im the guy of instagram the stream, can u do to me a theme like that with another colors pls

  21. no one will truly know how much time and effort it took to create such an amazing shell shockers theme. Keep up the great content!

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