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*INTENSE* 33 Kill Streak + Tournament Announcement | Shell Shockers

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Have a chance to win Multiple Skull Bandanas!

I am hosting a Shell Shockers tournament in my discord server!

By playing in the tournament you can win some awesome skin codes!

Join my discord server to participate –

Thank you to Viking for the thumbnail
Vikings channel:


  1. Noice, I remember being in a castle map with you and couldnt kill you once and kept on trying a few hours ago lool

  2. Love the buck and song. How many eggs are you saving for?

  3. Wow the first kill was kinda cool. Nice kill streak

  4. It’s so funny how Vital always sacrifices himself for Ewa…

  5. I was bored so I watched The whole video and those kills were insane

  6. How do you get that music not to be copyrighted?

  7. can you do another tournament soon?!?!?!

  8. when are you going to spend some of ur eggs??? (no rush)

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