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Who should I trickshot next?????

Part 2 Coming Soon 🙏🏽

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  1. This was insane, had me dying 😂 We need part 2!!!

  2. damn bro hits more 360s than the amount of people that want his theme

  3. i can confirm moon is top 5 best oce players A T M

  4. whenever i stream i wanna get trickshotted like that holy moly

  5. Hey moon can you give me albino code for crackshot i have it for all except crackshot pls i am PLG Kaii

  6. What the f*** is the main reaction lol

  7. Bullet or blue wizard digital

  8. Tell me your secrets of the amazing trickshots 🙂

  9. 0:23 Bro Khnny Reminds me of my brother when I make random shots in his face. Talking about basketball And my bro starts rage quittin.

  10. I remember watching K4's streak when you hit that shot . .LMAOOOO
    you earned a subscription ❤

  11. I must say your channel is amazing. Beautiful thumbnail and great videos. If you don't end up quittig you'll be one of the best CC's in the Community in a year or so. Trust

  12. excelent vid mind me asking how you make your thumbnails?

  13. What theme are you using and I can't wait for part 2!

  14. i played with u in nurses stream
    you are a absolute beast
    i thought you were hacking your so good
    keep doing your thing, your really good

  15. Nah I said it in one of my vids you are just the GOAT

  16. These are some great shots and stuff but we all know these are just like shots. There’s no skill to most of them.

  17. Just a question: could u send me the link to the clip u did on K4 ?
    I love it

  18. Lol now im jealous! I love the 4th clip its awesome. I did it once during a 1v1 but it was a mid. He called me a hacker and rage quit before starting the 1v1. Awesome shot man. You are the GOAT!

  19. broo
    moon has really got their kids😂 reactions, on points. Trickshots even more on point. Fps SOO CLEANN❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. "moon is going to finish me off" ayo what LMFAO

  21. Can you teach that he that you did on k4hany

  22. and broooo I even saw that shit after I died at 1:11 like holy shit that was crazy shot I've ever seen than anyone can do on my pov.

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