mushroom plays
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  1. I was falling asleep, until I saw that INSANE kill like sheesh

  2. How was that insane it wasn’t even a 360 plus are you on mobile??

  3. Literally just a really bad scrambler kill+1 pixel on screen

  4. How is that insane a least no scope someone for it to be insane

  5. Hey guys let this guy be, he's trying his best!

  6. bro i thought it was gonna be a rickroll

  7. I was literally the Champion at that game at the time! But you want to know what I think should be added they should add a thing where you can heal your partner's that would be the best thing but he didn't add that yet!

  8. Bro the only insane thing is that ur insanely bad

  9. I can do better than that lol I actually have VIP so I’m better 😂 edit: disclaimer: this was made by my young little brother, and I am not affiliated with this comment in any way.

  10. Bro has gotta be kidding! The only “insane” thing was how long this clip was💀

  11. How is that insane. That was the noobiest play through I’ve ever see

  12. Bro if that's an insane kill then I guess I'm already a God

  13. tats just a normale kill if eny thing thats a pussy way to play stealing kills bitch

  14. did the insane kill get cut off because of the time limit? and are you playing mobile?

  15. Boy didn’t even jump one time and he probably died right after this and you reloaded like 1 billion times plus you could have got all of them if you didn’t keep reloading 😅😂 but nice short👏

  16. f noob XD thinking he gt a good clip but he actually dog shit

  17. How do you shoot in ShellShockers with An iPad

  18. omg that was epic ive only done that 31k times bro omg

  19. how does THIS have 1.1k likes 💀 maybe they made 1.1k different YouTube accounts

  20. yo this kid is doing good just let him play man

  21. Anyone have their shell shocker names? Mines n0b0dy

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