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i took on a 2v6 with the best shell shockers player alive…

Peek The Goat
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  1. I think we all knew peek and TheDarkLord would win lol

  2. Finally, someone calling TheDarkLord the best player in shell shockers. I’m not hating on Slimy, but I feel EggSlayer the 🐐of shell.

  3. If The best player in the world is L2cas, then are you the goat…

  4. YO L2 is so good !! I wanna be like him !!!!!!!!

  5. L2cas would get 10-0 d by all the guys u faced

  6. That was fun to watch! Why the panzoid intro tho…..

  7. Slimy might be the best with crackshot, but eggslayr has the most versatility when it comes to guns.

  8. God of the game with respect 😜

  9. damn, that slash kid is lost in the sauce 🥫

  10. How to get the buck crackshot

  11. You haven’t tried playing CluckNoob420 yet 😳😳

  12. Sorry I’m late.Never disappointed watching your vids.

  13. Bro guys I'm godly from my other acc I took a big break and now I am coming back soon….

  14. 𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐲 🔥Ӽ .𝐄𝐗𝐄 says:


  15. he isn’t the best player alive. no one is

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