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I Stole Bubbleaxe’s Shell Shockers Montage

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​@bubbleaxe4325 Let me know if you want me to take the video down bc I know I didn’t exactly ask for permission 😐
(I messed up the sync slightly on the last clip but I didn’t wanna fix it tbh)
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  1. yo tog do you know the original song name to this?

  2. How both songs had same flow huh???

  3. wow your editing skills whent from 5/10 medish to like 11/10 congo also i love how this was originally made for icicle xD

  4. oh woooow, I cant belive you edited thia all by yOuRsElF

  5. Hey, Tog, Good news, I figured out that My GPU can do 120 fps, so now I don't have to use 60!

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