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I Made This Lobby Rage Quit! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Bruh, can u do a vid of u vs nova?Tht will be soo interesting. 😉

  2. Watch until the end for a free buck crackshot! xD

  3. If you pin this comment,then ill download the game.

  4. he just got kills and it was like he was banning people

  5. I'm the 52nd person to watch.
    And 10th person to comment
    Btw u are an epic player.
    Keep doing what u r doing.
    Also what server do u play on.

  6. what if they all lost connection as US West servers have been laggy 🙂


    nice vid

    nice method for ur kdr not to be destroyed xdd

  8. Vikings skills be like 📈📈📈📈

    Well done I usually woulda got bored and moved to a new map xD

  9. i dont know if they rage quit bc they did the chat would be cursing at you and calling you a hacker or noob i think the server just died out as it does every few hours when a new one is created and ppl cant join it any more

  10. They didn't rage quit they just were telling you to do your homework by leaving

  11. Nice vid lol we have almost the same amount of kills it’s just that your deaths are higher a lot than mine anyways nice you totally destroyed them

  12. Sheesh your kdr. Nice albino crack and most of all nice vid! I can't believe that they actually rage quit! lol

  13. i literally made a lobby ragequit till i was the only person in there

  14. Nice vid 😉 Road to CC is def helping since u followed 😉

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