I Made a Lobby *RAGE QUIT* (37 Kill Streak & Mouse Cam) | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

I Made a Lobby *RAGE QUIT* (37 Kill Streak & Mouse Cam) | Shell Shockers

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  1. why do you not have the yt badge next to your name in game?

  2. My idol returns once again to give me the inspiration I need again.

  3. l love your vids man, my highest kill streak is 24, what’s yours?

  4. sheeeeeeeesh big haz back with a banger thanks for making theses vids my dude

  5. I like to watch your thanks 😊 for come back please 🙏 upload more video

  6. Still playing the same game play something else

  7. why you making the poor kids mad man. 😂

  8. Hazmatt pins this because he loves his viewers

  9. Thank u so much for uploading lots of content I look up to u 🙂 and was very sad when u stopped

  10. If you buy new guns, does the gun get better? Same for grenades. And do you know what is the connection between the servers and the maps? Btw, what do you think is the best map for 1v1 and best for pubs? And can you give out eggs on Shell Shockers and if so how? Like so haz can see and answer

  11. I don’t know what to say cuz ur too pro for shell

  12. can u tell me the code for 2019 shotyy hazmatt?

  13. Haz can I tell you something interesting

    in this video you made:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJaOCrcjQck

    My brother was in that video

    My brother was called Call me Daddy 🙂

    and he had the noob skin, and the AR he was pretending to be a noob

    this doesn't end here 2 of his classmates were playing with him 1 was called Ur mom 2 was called An IDIOT I believe we were in school

    when I show him the video He told me what happened in the clip, and He told me He remembers your Crackshot, and everything he knows in the clip.

    when you got 15 kills he ended up killing you.

    what a coincide

  14. hey, I am a cool Shell Shockers youtuber, shoutout please?

  15. what is ur pc ? the quality is not too good but nice vidéo

  16. Its funny to see the lobby slowly get smaller

  17. Idk if hazmatt will see this but how do I jump while moving side to side . That's my only brob in shell shockers. If u see this I could really use help

  18. When that one guy that keeps ending your streak leaves the pub server.. 😮😎

  19. dude how do you come up with these names its like the best and as soon as i saw this vid i subbed

  20. Haz Your Video Was Glitching in the Middle
    I mean it is Stucking

  21. 0:20 Bruh RompeOrtos3000 Literally Yoinked Your Kill

  22. You need like 20 ping to be able to have like 1 or 2 shot kills with the shotgun. If ur like me, I have 40 fps and 100 ping all the time on low res so u cant even kill ppl from far like in this :/

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