I lost everything in Shell Shockers again! (also sorry about the crappy video quality) - leegamestore.com

I lost everything in Shell Shockers again! (also sorry about the crappy video quality)

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At least i got a new computer 🙂

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  1. Just put all your passwords on a notebook then hide the notebook or something. You can do it in seperate pages if you are worried about your privacy. (yes, my 1 password is seperated in a few pages cuz everything in my house is rlly organized, yes, my parents are so organized, and there's barely any places where you can hide stuff. I hide it under the really big couch). You can also use a email you know very well and subscribe BWD's news thing with a different email (that you also know, but not as well as the one you use to create your shell account). One time I thought I remembered one of my other favorite game's password but when I typed my pass in, the pass was wrong :o. good thing is there wasnt much stuff in my acc; i didnt care about cosmetics lol. Maybe you can remember your password again 😮 don't keep trying a million times, though. I never lost a account and I hope I'll never lose one
    Loud game noise as you know xD. Couldn't really hear your voice cause there was so much shots in the background. 1:522:08 and yeah (really loud). Idk how loud it is on your side but yeah and yeah and yh.
    good video woosineigh 😀 thinking u wouldn't see this but congrats on ur new computer! haven't got a new computer since i was introduced to computers, but now i have a lot of things saved so i wouldn't want to get a new computer xD

  2. Note ur password down or save it to the web browser it comes automatically when u try to sign in

  3. im rlly sorry for ur acc btw this is pt 2 lets see how many views it can get 🧐 but im rlly srry mate

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