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I GOT YOLKED! 🥚 🔫 | Shellshock.io

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In today’s video I get YOLKED in Shellshock.io

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  1. I have watched you since I was 4 years old. Seeing you 7 years later brings a tear to my eye knowing that you changed 🙂

  2. Y A N K E E W I T H N O B R I M brim says:

    The last video I watched from ethan was the munchies pack

  3. he sounds different, since it's been so long I saw his vids.

  4. you have grown a lot last video i saw you were a kid !!

  5. ""Badabing badaboom"" my blink heart went🤭

  6. So I almost cried bc I saw as a teen or adult 🙁

  7. I played shell shockers before and I killed thee_owl

  8. I’ve played this game before but I haven’t played it in a while because the last time I played it was 2017

  9. He is older now but still my fàvorite YouTuber

  10. When I watched this i heard that voice and I'm like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HE GOT KIDNAPPED AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  11. What on earth happened to ur voice?!!!!

  12. I remember him playing minecraft and roblox and ipad games but now its less roblox and more random games

  13. I can teach this guy how to shoot close range

  14. Ngl u are better then i cuz u got some skills and u just start it the game like what the hall…

  15. if you want to zoom in hit the shift button btw you can change it so then its easyer

  16. i play shell shock io to my user name is army egg

  17. this game is hard i tried it a long time ago and its fun but hard

  18. I. Miss your videos i subbed can you please make a new video soon??

  19. I got your skin from shell shockers I like it:)

  20. only OGs remember ethan's high voice and his best, old, recording.

  21. Ethan a game that has a simular title is

    Shell shock live

  22. This is the first time you play shell shocker why are you so pro xD

  23. You sound so different from last time I watched you

  24. hold shift when ur holding a sniper to enter the scope thingy

  25. 😢 i should've kept on watching him while he was still young
    😭 People are turning so old

  26. Hey EthanGamer I vs u in shell shoker my name was BIG CHUNGUS.

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