I got 0 Deaths in this game! NCR vs NEP | Shell Shockers + giveaway winners - leegamestore.com

I got 0 Deaths in this game! NCR vs NEP | Shell Shockers + giveaway winners

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  1. beanie was benchie. beanie is happy that we won

  2. Why did you get 0 deaths yes i know the answere! UR Legend!!!!!

  3. First (I skipped the line again)
    Sub to boolet btw and help him get 2k subs!

  4. I’ve been scrimming with BWD members recently and I realise how hard what you’re doing is. 🐐🐐🐐

  5. whoever that nx guys was probably super tired since it was like 8 in the morning.

  6. boolet what’s your pc and monitor and stuff I’m trying to get a new setup and am asking you cause you have such smooth gameplay

  7. Ayyy I was there
    I remember you leaving every round because you said your used to leaving everytime in pubs because you suck at the game 😹😾

  8. wow…I can't even get 0 deaths probably lol. True pro! :D🔥

  9. ;-; is this like a record?!?! Highest kdr ratio for one shell game maybe?

  10. Idk but im kinda sucks at scrim atm 😢😭 helpp boolettt

  11. 2k give us albino or buck giveaway hehe

    Wiz if u see this u owe me a buck

    laous#3815 haw haw menace to society

    But seriously are u gonna do a good 2k subs giveaway

  12. the fact that he's pulled this off for like 3 times or more already….

  13. No, not that one skull nade what is its name ?

  14. What hat and skin do u wear?.. How the heck do u have no yt sign?is this your 2nd acc?


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