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i found a shell shockers hacker i think

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that says it all


  1. Yeah it is hacking its called faster bullet trial i think.

  2. L2cas is a pro player in shell league, not sure if somone else is using his name to play.

    Bro with your fps and ping, you can become a pro player. Just use an aim trainer and tracking i key 😉

  3. everyone knows l2cas hacks, he got baned from shell league

  4. ok ive seen some of your comments about l2cas being a shell shockers pro. i think its a fake name some of the interactions were weird one of them wasnt on camera. also remember that he apparently got eggnoob's location which im not sure if its true but it makes it a little more likely

  5. U good with that gun in the beginning I am to

  6. He wasnt hacking i seen the whole video before i comment and that might real L2cas bc he has rare items like staff bandana and flame free ranger but those shots are so sus it might even be real L2cas hackin which is not likely! nice job with the video

  7. Fake L2cas cuz L2 uses only snake crackshot

  8. he is a haker because he got like 6 kill's

  9. My fps is 20 so it's hard for me to become a pro like that Lucas dude but with your fps u can beat him bruh

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