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I Found A Big Hacker In Shell Shockers! | Playing At Midnight

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This hacker created duplicates (“Zombies”) that can teleport, have aimbot, and literally team up with the other “Zombies”.


  1. same happend to me but they were "Green Team" on my map

  2. i think i fought him with more noob hacks but his name was blank

  3. ive seen the zombies teaming once they come to your servers a lot you get used to the aimbot like me and i started killing them a lot after but i just hate hackers the game is supposed to be for fun =(

  4. lol, you found bots. Unfortunately they've been patched out… unless

  5. 1:21 "I am cryo" in chat. Cryo's a popular modder, one who helped create Crackware, a popular cheating client for shellshockers. It's likely it was his doing lmao

  6. That’s cryo he’s a popular hacker of the game he creates scripts for it and he made this I’m pretty sure it’s dumb asf but yea

  7. LMAO wtf did you witness tho midnight zombie hax

  8. OMG your so right that was a hacker! 😱 😳

  9. That is just unfortunate
    Also: were they bots, one person, or multiple people?

  10. Unkillable eggs called zombies with aimbot lol

  11. hey bro, no swearing,
    u can just say '' its not a mod ''

  12. Hey dude I saw a hacker in shell shockers long time ago

  13. I went, I knew how to play with that aimbot.

  14. Yeah, the hackers (and bad lag) have ruined shell shockers. We can't even play it anymore.

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