I Fought WizardSupport in front of 100 People... | Shell Shockers 1v1 - leegamestore.com

I Fought WizardSupport in front of 100 People… | Shell Shockers 1v1

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  1. Thanks for the game Gray! Really enjoyed it!

  2. i need to 1v1 you please! do it! Im good so you wont be bored

  3. i am op devil you muted me on blue wizard server i want to 1v1 with you i play in Singapore server
    pls response

  4. Hi gray do u play on public maps sometimes as I dk if it was a fake graysocean but I was in a map with him just now

  5. Bro I always enjoy the classic Nintendo music

  6. WOAH That was quite the intense 1v1! The tuba part was so funny…

  7. yo, i think i met you in a shell shocker game

  8. you are a good toutuber and greyNOcean is a pro player to like you

  9. Boy: can we have diabotical
    Mom: we already have diabotical at home
    Diabotical at home:

  10. Gray: Is it extremly hard to get a 1 shot with free ranger?
    The edit for the vid: NO
    Me: I don't know but for long range, of 100% chance unless u miss or blanked shot

  11. I play this game I suck at it 😅🤗😣

  12. My highest score was 7 lol 😜😝🙁🙁😓💀

  13. When he said the chat is making fun of me I really wanted to so I am

  14. Your bad at this get your self together lol there did it 😅😎😋😊

  15. Lol you could do way better if u don't peek 😇😌😏😏

  16. Graysocean can you show me how to get the Ablino crackshot

  17. Grays ocean when you say the freerager is hard to get a 1 hit it is not hard

  18. when you shoot why does it sound like someone is whispering "Cats..cats"

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